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The modern world leaves me a wreck,
But not my kitty--she's high tech!
When snoozing she prefers to nap
On my laptop, not my lap.
For exercise and to relax
She takes a stroll across the fax,
Then leaps to land on the computer--
The narrow top seems built to suit her.
She dusts the screen off with her tail
While I'm reading my e-mail.
When I'm sleeping peacefully
She checks phone messages for me,
Then looks at me as if to say,
"Well, the button was marked PLAY."
If she's feeling really bored
She hits the button for record--
Words not for a stranger's ear
Go on tape for all to hear.
But as a self-respecting cat
There's one gizmo she draws the line at.
Of all the gadgets in the house
There's one she'll never touch
--the mouse!

By Beverly Bardsley

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