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Hi everyone, Sadie decided it was time to try something new, so we have learned how to make bordered backgrounds and buttons. Hope you like them and you can use them on your webpages with a link back to me. Instructions for linking are on each page. Do not link to this page or the page that the border and buttons are located on. There is a link there to my home page as well as a logo button. Please transload or download to your own website. Please no bandwidth theft. Do not use these images in any private collection of gifs. Now I hope you will like these and please let me know what you think of them. DISCLAIMER:If there are any other sets out there like mine, please let me know, I did not go through all the gif sites looking at borders and as far as I know these are original creations by me. If any of the gifs used in these sets belong to a private collection please email me and I will pull the set. mlm 2000-2004

I will make personalized backgrounds or border sets upon request. Just supply the gif and the colors desired to E-MAIL
I have provided a transloaded at the bottom of each page to help you transload the items you wish to have.
~~SAMPLE~~ This is a sample set made from a photo.

Pretty Little Angel

Seraphim Angel Set

Little Guardian Angel

Classy Kitty

Rose Bouquet

Rose Cameo Set

Blue Rose Set

Pink Rose Set

Winnie the Pooh

Pretty Violets

Kitties Kiss

Kittens on Moon

Pretty White Kitty

Awe So Cute Kittens


Lace Valentine Set

Teddy Bear I Love You Valentine Set

Carosel Valentine Set


Irish LassieSet

Irish Rainbow House Set

Leprachaun Set


Easter Bunny Baby

Cross with Lilies

Jesus Set

Angel with Lamb ~~NEW~~


Bird Nests

Daffodils and Lilacs

Flower Basket


Mother's Day Set ~~NEW~~


Pooh Memorial Day Set


Cabin in Winter

All Read and Sign buttons used should show made by Sadie at except unless noted otherwise on the page:
KelleyPC Enterprises,LTDand show the link to that page.

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