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Decided it was time for Snickers to learn more about Webtv and so I have her learning how to make cards and calling cards and globes. She is having fun so far, especially since she likes to watch TV. If you would like to use any of these cards let me know, if you don't know how to write on them I can do it for you or tell you how. Besure to load the card to your own web site. You can email me at EMAIL

Cards Page 1

Cards Page 2

Cards Page 3

Christmas Cards-Page 1

Christmas Cards-Page 2

Valentine Cards - 1 Page

Globes Page 1

Globes Page 2

Globes Page 3

Globes Page 4

Globes Page 5 - Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving

Christmas Globes-Page 1

Christmas Globes-Page 2

Christmas Globes-Page 3

Valentine Globes - 1 Page only

St Patricks Day Globes - 1 Page only

Easter Eggs

Christmas Teardrops

We have received this award for our globes from Heather who made the tutorial for this wonderful idea we had.

Thank you so much Heather for this wonderful honor.

I Have provided a Transloader on each of the pages for your convience.
Please sign the guest book so I know you were here and which cards or globes you like best.

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