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Come Nicholas sit on Grandma's lap and let me rock you and tell you a story. This is a story about my kitty cat named Patsy and an afghan I made for you. Let me tell you a little about Patsy first.

This is her Guardian Angel - Mitzi, who doesn't always keep too close a watch on her unless she likes to get into trouble too. Patsy loves four things with a passion, plastic grocery bags, yarn, my printer and to make your Grandma a nervous wreck and she is doing a very good job of it. She also does a very good job of hiding things.

When your Mommy and Daddy told me they were expecting you, I was overjoyed. I wanted them to have a baby in the worse way and I wanted a new grandbaby to hold and love.

A few months later your Mommy and I went shopping so that I could get some yarn to start an afghan for you. Your cousins all had quilts or afghans that I had made and I thought you should have a special one as you were going to be a very special baby. Mommy and I picked out some very pretty yarn and I found a very pretty pattern. Since we didn't know if you would be a girl or boy we picked out a very pale pink, blue and white yarn with a silver thread running through it.

I got started right away on this special afghan as I knew it would take me a long time since my eyes are getting old and worn out. Finally, in May I got the afghan done and a pair of booties, since you weren't due until August 6th, I placed the afghan in a plastic bag and put it on a shelf in my closet.

About the middle of June, your Mommy started having problems carrying you and the doctor hinted you might come early and put Mommy on bedrest. Her work was having a shower for you and her and I was going with her. While I was getting ready to go, the bag with your afghan and booties fell off the shelf I put it back up. I wanted to give Mommy the afghan at her second shower. Patsy was in the closet at the time so I didn't try to get her out and didn't shut the door.

Friends and family were having a shower for you and mommy July 1st, oh by the way a shower is when people give presents to a new mommy and baby. A few days before the shower I went to get the bag with your afghan and booties out of the closet so I could wash them and it wasn't there. I searched my apartment high and low and could not find it anywhere. I found an afghan I made for your Mommy before she was born, and decided to give it to her. It was made of wool yarn and the moths had gotten to it, but I washed it and gave it to her anyway.

I kept hunting for the bag every few days and still nothing.

By the middle of July the Doctor decided it was time for you to be born. Mommy and Daddy went into the hospital on Monday, July 17 and by late afternoon on Tuesday, July 18 you still weren't here and the Doctor decided Mommy would have to have you by surgery.

Your grandparents were all at the hospital waiting for you. After a while your Daddy came out and told us you were born and a very big little boy but very sick. We did not get to see you that night. I went home and searched again for the afghan and still no luck. The next day Auntie Barb took me to the hospital so we could meet you. You were hooked up to all kinds of tubes and wires but you still looked adorable to me.

The next morning your Mommy called me from the hospital and you had taken a turn for the worse over night, your lungs were just not developed enough. I got on my Webtv and first sent an email to my friend Pops who I knew had a large mailing list and a prayer list, then I sent an email to all my friends asking for prayers for you and to a group of women I belong to between the three groups we spanned the world. Local friends were praying and sending you angels to watch over you. I was so upset I went out for a walk to the store, half crying but praying for you. I was gone about two hours and shortly after I got home Mommy called me and said you were starting to get better. All of these prayers and angels sent from around the world gave you the strength to fight and heal your lungs. It was still another two weeks before I could see you. I continued to hunt for the afghan. You had to be taught how to suck a bottle, with being fed by tubes you didn't know how to get the food.

Finally, on the 6th of August, the day you were to be born, you got to come home three weeks late. A few days after you were home a visiting nurse from the hospital came to check up on you and she told your Mommy and Daddy some very disturbing news. The doctors had not expected you to live that night you were so sick and had put you on a heart/lung transplant list. But you showed them, that with love and prayers you were going to WIN and win you have.

Grandma wanted to get out and buy more yarn but had no way, A friend of mine sent me a big box of yarn. You were home a little over a week by this time and I got the yarn sorted out to make you another afghan and put it all in a plastic bag and left it setting beside my chair at night. The next morning I got up to a mess. Patsy had gotten into the bag of yarn and 2 skeins were missing!! It had to be Patsy, as Sadie and Snickers had slept with me all night and Patsy was shut out of my bedroom.

I wasn't to worried as I had plenty of yarn of those colors, but I started to do some looking anyhow. I have this big antique hall tree sitting in a corner of my living room, I squeezed in to look behind it and I saw a blue plastic bag. I had to get down on my hands and knees to pull out the bag and LO and BEHOLD here was the missing afghan and booties. The whole bottom on the bag was torn out and several holes in the sides of the bag, I got the afghan out and it was folded just as I had folded it and not a single thread was snagged. I hurried and called your Mommy and she was very happy. I think Mitzi, Patsy's fairy was watching her this time, and Patsy finally returned the missing yarn. I belive God had his angels hide that afghan from me until he was absolutely sure you were going to be strong enough to live. You are a truly a miracle and blessed baby...and your Grandma loves you very very much. The other afghan will be for Christmas

Patsy on printer duty!!!

Update: Nov 2000: Grandma is moving so Patsy has a new home, I just hope she is being a good kitty. I miss her.

Story is true copyright mlm 2000-2001

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