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Midi- Star Dust


My daughter came into this world,
seems like only yesterday, but time flew by,
and she grew up and now my hair is gray.

And now she'll have a baby too,
my grandchild number six;
I never cease to marvel at the things God gives to me.

Last night, I lay in bed and thought
about this child to be, when all these memories
from the past came rushing back to me.

I found myself in Grandma's house
I saw her smiling face.
I felt so safe and warm once more in this familiar place.

I heard the chiming of her clock and something happened then.
My hair was long and dark once more and I was only ten.

I heard a cough and turned to see
my Grandpa sitting there,
rolling his tobacco in his favorite rocking chair.

He said "Come sit here by the stove, before you catch a cold.
They're just about to start
The Greatest Story Ever Told."

I listened to a broadcast that I hadn't heard in years and when it finished,
all of use were very close to tears.

It was the story of a God
who loved his children so, he came to earth to talk to them, through Grandma's radio.

I fell asleep with all these thoughts
just running through my head and when I woke, I found myself in Grandma's feather bed.

For breakfast, we had tea and toast as only Grandma makes
and that day she had baked four great pies
and let me frost the cakes.

And all day long, the neighbors came,
with problems big and small, and somehow Grandma
found the time to listen to them all

Then later, we did something that I loved the very best.
We went through all the treasures in my Grandma's Cedar Chest.

She opened up her soul to me
in albums frayed and old,
and brought to life the memories of
her family now grown cold.

Her Indian Grandma I could see,
so short, yet standing tall
somehow she made them real to me,
and I could see them all.

Then Grandma said "it's time to go
The clock is chiming three
but give the baby all my love
from your own memory.

So baby, here is Grandma's gift, that time cannot erase.
She gave me all the Love she had
So I could take her place.

by Anne Phllips

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