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"Midi=In the Good Old Summertime"


I gaze at my Modern kitchen Appliances by the score.
Stashed in every corner but nary a one as handy,
As the Apron Grandma wore.

Huge, made of sturdy cotton
Drab colored so spots would not show.
Held secure by a waist band
Tied with a ribbon and a bow.

The best multipurpose appliance
The world will ever know.
A supporter for the toddlers first steps
A hider for Childish fears.
A wrapper on chilly evenings
A remover of Childish tears.

A basket for every collection grain,
eggs or baby chicks.
The flowers for the mantle
Cobs, kindling or buffalo chips.
The vegetables from the garden
Or sweet corn from the field.

A protector from hot pans or dishes
At the stove a good heat shield.
A communication signal to the workers on the farm.
To say that it is meal time
Or to carry an alarm.

A driver of foul from garden
or flies from an opening door.
The dust from the parlor table
or crumbs to the kitchen floor.

A curtain for shadeless windows,
A frost guard for tender plants.
A cradle for sleepy babies
A tanner for impish scamps...

These are some of the uses of that implement of yore.
That best of all piece of equipment
The Apron that Grandmother wore.
So I gaze at my modern Kitchen
A gadget for every chore and ADMIT
they are not as convenient as THAT Apron that Grandma wore!

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